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We are a team of Real Estate Consultants in Costa Rica committed to integrity. Our goal is to advise our customers in buying-selling-renting properties. Our customers and investors find the desired solutions to their Real Estate needs. We have the legal backing of a serious firm SFERA LEGAL represented by Mr. Javier Escalante Madrigal.

WEST SAN JOSE : Escazú, Santa Ana, La Sabana, Rohmoser, La Uruca. We have the best property listings homes and condos for sale-rent, warehouses, offices, lots and farms.

HEREDIA: homes and condos for sale-rent, warehouses for rent-sale.

PUNTARENAS: Faro Escondido homes for sale, Punta Leona houses and condos por rent-sale, Jacó condominiums for sale, Marriott Los Sueños condominiums and homes for sale.


  • In first place our country is the most stable democracy in Central America. Since the year 1949 we don´t have army. We changed weapons for books. We have friendly laws for investors. We are open minded with foreigners, we welcome  them.
  • It´s a country with high educational standards, public education is free and obligatory in Costa Rica. About half of the population speaks English. 

  • Our economy is stable. Costa Rica is one of the countries of the world that has 25% of its territory dedicated to national parks and reservation areas. 

We believe in leaving peacefully with our environment. Costa Rica´s beauty is recognized in the whole world, pristine beaches, beautiful mountains, rivers and the most amazing biodiversity. 

Our country is attractive for investment since it offers great potential for the establishment of multinational companies, due to the outstanding academic level of the population. 
Residential developments have international high standards and offer all types of services and facilities. Properties are affordable and taxes are low.Investing in Costa Rica is a smart and safe decision. The country has become a popular destination for those who want to retire, for those who want a second home for their holidays, for those who for political reasons have to leave their country, and of course hundreds of entrepreneurs who are transferred to work in multinational companies. The people who invest in Costa Rica, not only never wants to go back but they bring  family and friends. 

We are happy to provide our services and provide solutions to your real estate needs   Maria Woodbridge